Civil Service Concerns

Recently, an article detailing an unfortunate mistake made by staff members of the City of Cedar Park was published in the Cedar Park-Leander Statesman.  While the officers who scored well on the test were upset with the Commissions ruling, it shows that the citizens best interests were protected, and that the system works.  Here are some examples of why we feel that way.

  1. There was a framework for what to do inside the statute.  A step-by-step process to ensure that those sworn to protect the citizens are held to fair and equal behavior in that process.  That framework indemnifies the citizens from decisions made based on the individuals involved in the process.  It ensures that the rules concentrate on the process itself and validation that the rules are followed.  This safeguards all persons involved from any ruling that might be made out of haste, embarrassment, perceived fiscal efficiency, or an attempt to claim ignorance of law.
  2. Because Civil Service requires the establishment of a 'Commission' (made up of citizens) the final decision on what to do rested in the hands of the CITIZENS.  This removes any favoritism, perceived or real, which can be present when an emotional and potentially career altering decision is left to the Chief or Human Resources Director.   
  3. Chief Mannix is quoted in at the end of the article as stating this, "....and we’ll be that much better down the road."  Cities that are growing as fast as Cedar Park and Leander are going to make mistakes.  The manner in which we resolve the mistakes can make our departments more professional and more career oriented.  By voting FOR civil service, the citizens of Leander will be attracting larger numbers of applicants that are applying to stay with the department for an entire career; not just until the next time Austin or Round Rock are hiring. 
  4. Lastly, we would like to point out that the decision to bring in lawyers would ultimately lay with the officers themselves.  We fail to see how that is a "public sector union mentality."  We also read the article several times and could find no mention of any demands for more pay and/or vacation time. 

Public sector unions is a bad combination of words in Leander, Texas; and nobody knows that more than the members of the Leander Professional Association of Firefighters.  We know that it can be frustrating to watch the evening news and hear of once great cities in financial hard times or even ruin.  We implore each person that feels that way to get to know us as YOUR firefighters.  We are 27 men and women; and we work every day to protect life and property in Leander, Texas.  We are 27 fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters; not 'union thugs'.  Why on Earth would we entertain a manner of behavior that could somehow bankrupt the City that pays us?  We make a fair wage and this initiative has nothing to do with our pay or time off.  We are asking for standard practices free of momentary influence or temptation, proper workers compensation, and due process rights.

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Leander Firefighters for Civil Service